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3 Important Reasons to Consider Dermal Filler in the Midface

Facial Injections

August 20, 2018

By: Emily Mersman, MMS, PA-C

Dermal Fillers are a safe, conservative, and effective way to correct signs of aging. The aging process begins with a slowing in the production of the hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin that gives us the look of youthful, smooth, and supple skin. It begins in our 20’s and continues to decline throughout our lifetimes. Then as we age, we begin to develop bone loss, fat loss, and muscle atrophy that exacerbates the appearance of skin laxity, hollowness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Most fillers are comprised of the hyaluronic acid that is found naturally in the body and safely absorbed over the duration of the filler. One of the main areas of the face that patients regularly have injected is the mid-face (cheek area). Injections in this area can correct many of the main concerns that you may have with the appearance of your face. Here are three great reasons that patients seek dermal filler injections.

One- Very fit or more mature patients that are experiencing volume loss in the cheeks are perfect candidates for dermal filler in the mid-face. It creates a sort of gaunt look tends to age us more than we’d like. Dermal Filler quickly and easily addresses the contours of the the mid-face creating more youthful looking cheeks. In some cases it can also be used to improve the contour of the under eye as well by injecting into the tear troughs. Both procedures are completed in less than an hour, with little to no downtime. Some patients can be slightly bruised or swollen, but the use of Arnica prior to and after the procedure reduces the side effects.

Two- We see many patients that are concerned with the smile lines known as nasolabial folds (folds/lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth). Mild to deep creases can form in this area, and with the awful effects of gravity it can lead to a drooping or sagging appearance. Creating volume with dermal filler in the mid-face softens these folds by lifting the skin away from them. Patients that address this concern in the beginning stages of its development often feel that they have a very refreshed and smooth appearance with out any noticeable signs of having any “work done”.

Three- Dermal filler in the mid face is perfect for patients that are not quite ready to commit to surgery. As mentioned above, dermal filler can help with the sagging appearance and act as a “Mini Facelift” which helps plump and lift sagging skin, pre-jowels and marionette lines. For the right patient, well placed dermal filler injections can address all the main concerns of an aging face for a refreshed and fabulous look! It’s less of an investment that surgery, and can last as long as two years depending on the type(s) of filler used. When treated in conjunction with medical grade skin care products that impact the overall health of the skin, many patients find that they can enjoy their improved appearance with regular mid face injections for years.

There are many reasons that patients seek dermal filler injections in the mid face, and many different options on the market! It can be very overwhelming to decide what might be the right fit. If you are considering dermal fillers, it’s important to find an injection specialist with the credentials and experience you can trust.Take the time to ask questions, and explain all of your concerns during your consultation. It’s perfectly fine to start slowly, and add to your treatment as needed. And remember, it’s not permanent! In most cases, dermal filler injections can be reversed if needed. For more information on dermal filler injections or to schedule a consultation, please click here to contact us or call 616.454.1256.


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