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Skin Discoloration and Pigmentation

You should be happy with the skin you're in! But sometimes, unwanted pigmentation and discoloration can make it difficult to look and feel your absolute best.

Skin Discoloration and Pigmentation

These unwanted skin changes can appear in many different forms from freckles to large brown spots, redness and more. No matter the form these spots may take, if you are bothered by them you are not alone! Skin discoloration and pigmentation changes are among the top cosmetic concerns treated in our clinic. 

Treatments for Skin Discoloration and Pigmentation Changes

Full disclosure—managing dark spots can be a bit tricky and there isn’t much that can be done to treat light spots. Why? There isn’t always a quick path to reaching the cosmetic result that you may desire. Melanocytes that cause dark spots can live deep within the layers of skin and be hard to reach. It may take a combination of treatments and products to reach the source of the discoloration. Furthermore, dark spots will likely return if the patient does not commit to a proper maintenance and skincare regimen. As for light spots, melanocytes that have been lost to damage cannot be recovered through any specific product or treatment. However, protective measures may help healthy cells and melanin return to the damaged skin naturally.

Topical Products

Preventing further damage is key when it comes to skin discoloration and pigmentation changes. Aside from the sun, there are many types of light that may damage your skin—including the blue light from the devices that we all use so frequently. We recommend daily use of an antioxidant-rich, non-chemical mineral-based SPF. Pay extra attention to the areas of the skin where spots are present by reapplying sunscreen often and even covering them with protective clothing when you are outside. Next, use a high-quality antioxidant cream or serum each morning. This is just another line of defense to help correct and prevent further damage. Then, we suggest the use of a retinoid cream at night. This will boost cell turnover and promote the formation of healthier cells including melanocytes. Last, there are a number of corrective topical products on the market that have been specially formulated to treat dark spots. Some products can be damaging to the skin if not used correctly. We recommend that you rely on the expertise and attention of a skincare professional before using these products. 

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are the most common treatment used for skin discoloration and pigmentation at Pure Skin. We offer a variety of peel options from trusted partners like HydraFacial® and PCA® Skin. The beauty of our peel treatments is that they can be customized in varying degrees to fit your particular needs. We will likely recommend a series of three to four treatments delivered at specific intervals. The downtime following a peel treatment can vary. Some patients experience very few outward changes while others may see skin that is flushed, darkened or flaky in the days after. 

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can be a powerful tool for dealing with skin discoloration and pigmentation. Our most frequent is Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL) which works by emitting light that is absorbed by darkened skin cells. This light causes the cell to die and travel to the surface of the skin where it flakes away. The skin may feel warm and be red or discolored for a few days following the procedure. It’s not uncommon to require a series of IPL sessions to achieve your desired result. Some patients choose physician-assisted Laser Skin Resurfacing. There is more downtime associated with this type of procedure but it can reach deeper layers of skin for exceptional outcomes in only one procedure.*

Patient Review

“I recommend this place to anyone when they are discussing procedures. I’m very private with my own procedures, but have no problem giving this establishment my recommendation. I truly believe this is excellent care and they are very transparent. I’m never told something just to do something I have always been told the truth which I need.”* -Pure Skin Patient

Annie is wonderful! She is a very skilled provider. Pure Skin is the best. I absolutely love my results. Highly recommend.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Annie Zimmerman

Madeline is awesome! I love my HydraFacials. Madeline does an amazing job.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Madeline Jewell

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