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Pure Skin Memberships

Why become a member of the Centre for Pure Skin?

Investing in your skin and body has never been easier! By joining Centre for Pure Skin as a member, you’ll receive top-notch care and exclusive benefits. We’re talking 15% OFF skincare products, 20% OFF skin care services, $100 OFF dermal fillers, and 20% OFF Botox®, Daxxify®, and Dysport.®.  And the best part? No pesky membership fees— all of your monthly payments go towards the services you love. Say goodbye to looking for the best deal and hello to unmatched value when you become a member at Centre for Pure Skin. 


Perfect your pout and save! Save $100 on each syringe of filler for the lips and then bank your monthly payments toward your treatments! Plus, enjoy the added savings benefits for Pure Skin members only. 

*You must receive at least one lip injection treatment yearly to qualify.
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Save on Botox®, Dysport®, Daxxify all year long! There’s no need to wait for the next special offer with this fabulous membership. Sign up now to save 15% and start banking $95 each month towards your treatments. 

*You must receive at least three neurotoxin treatments yearly to qualify. 
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Beautiful skin is always in! Enjoy members-only benefits on Pure Skin products and services that best fit your needs all year long. Sign up now to save and bank $125 monthly towards your treatments. 

*Patient credits must be redeemed within 14 months to qualify. 
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Look and feel simply sensational! Take your skin and body needs to the next level with this fabulous plan. Sign up now to save and bank $300 monthly toward your treatments. It includes all the benefits of our other plans, plus one complimentary premium facial treatment or neurotoxin injection yearly. 

*Patient credits must be redeemed within 14 months to qualify. 
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Please feel free to view the complete details of our Pure Skin Memberships including terms and conditions for your records. 

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Patient Review

“I recommend this place to anyone when they are discussing procedures. I’m very private with my own procedures, but have no problem giving this establishment my recommendation. I truly believe this is excellent care and they are very transparent. I’m never told something just to do something I have always been told the truth which I need.”* -Pure Skin Patient

Annie is wonderful! She is a very skilled provider. Pure Skin is the best. I absolutely love my results. Highly recommend.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Annie Zimmerman

Madeline is awesome! I love my HydraFacials. Madeline does an amazing job.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Madeline Jewell