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Scar Treatment in Grand Rapids, MI

Scars can be a badge of honor for some but for others, they can represent an unwanted reminder of a time they would rather forget.

Scar Treatment in Grand Rapids, MI

Scars appear on the skin in many different forms, from minor or white-red marks to indentations, or even angry-looking raised bumps. No matter the form, it’s not uncommon to feel uncomfortable with the way scars look. 

Treatments for Scars

Have you heard the saying “time heals all wounds?” Most often, scars will heal themselves over time. The messy collagen fibers begin to break down and the scar starts to fade. However, there are some scars that never go away. This is where certain treatments and/or procedures may help to improve the appearance of the scar. 

Topical Products 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many topical products that are proven to improve the appearance of scars. Some silicone ointments applied to a wound may help to stay hydrated and prevent it from drying out as it heals. By massaging the wound with a silicone ointment, you are helping the collagen fibers to lay down in a more orderly fashion. One thing that is quite important to note is that some scars may not even be able to be reached with topical products. For instance, stretch marks appear when the connective tissue deep within your skin ruptures. This happens in the deeper layers of skin that can’t be penetrated by topical products. However, keeping the skin healthy through proper sun protection and moisture may lead to some visible improvements.  


Procedures that treat the appearance of skin scarring can range from easy and non-invasive to surgery. The severity and depth of the scars dictate what is needed to improve their appearance. Some surface scars, such as those caused by minor acne breakouts may be improved with treatments such as microneedling. This can help to penetrate the surface of the skin, break up bad collagen and stimulate a more controlled release of healthy collagen for a smoother appearance. Dermal fillers and certain bio stimulators like Renuva® may improve some scars by plumping the area. Laser procedures may be used to remodel and flatten some scars by breaking up the tough collagen fibers. In some cases, scars must be addressed surgically by removing and/or repairing the affected tissue. 

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