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Bio-Stimulator Injections in Grand Rapids, MI

While most dermal fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid gels that create temporary volume, bio-stimulating fillers work by triggering the body’s own natural skin rejuvenation processes for a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

Bio-Stimulator Injections in Grand Rapids, MI

They work over time, deep within the tissue to replace vital components of firmer, smoother-looking skin. At the Centre for Pure Skin, bio-stimulators are often recommended as a part of a plan for a patient who is seeking natural, long-lasting results. 

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Ideal Candidate for Bio-Stimulators

The ideal candidate for bio-stimulator injections is in good health, is a non-smoker and is committed to following all pre- and post-care instructions. Candidates are over the age of 18 and have experienced volume loss in the skin due to aging or other factors. 

Areas Bio-Stimulator Injections Can Treat

Being West Michigan’s preferred provider* of bio-stimulator injections, we have experience and the trust of our patients to treat: 

Full Face

Over time, our skin’s ability to retain its youthful look decreases. Fat and collagen loss leads to skin laxity, wrinkles, and folds. Bio-stimulator injections can be used for facial rejuvenation to help replace lost volume and improve the skin’s structure by inducing new collagen growth.

Facial Scars & Dimples

When injected into facial divots, dimples and scars bio-stimulators can often soften the appearance of these facial irregularities. Some products offer immediate results while others work over time. 


Bio-stimulators can help to smooth and tighten the neck skin, known as neck rejuvenation. They can also be used to replace age-related fat loss on the décolletage and help smooth away vertical necklines. 

Patient Reviews

“Jamey is very attentive. She is concerned about me and my skin. She strives to give me the best experience that she can. You people are lucky to have her. IPL’s reduce the small red veins and marks left from blemishes. It makes my face brighter. I do it twice a year just for maintenance as I did a series of them close together when I first got started several years ago.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Jamey Bailey

“Emily is so professional and always makes me look the best I can look. I have a very deep crease between my eyes and Botox really softens it.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Emily Mersman

Jamey is just great and she gives a lot of information and answers any questions you may have. She is also very honest on the procedure that is being done so I wasn’t surprised with the results or any side effects. [Single best thing is…] The side saddle on my thighs are better and less giggly, I will be going in for the 3rd treatment on them soon.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Jamey Bailey

At the Centre for Pure Skin, we’ve found that the best way to offer the highest level of service is to start by seeing our Facial Aesthetic Consultant about bio-stimulators. During this appointment, we’ll determine if you are a good candidate and cover all the important details: possible risks and complications, before and after care instructions, expected outcomes and price. Once all your questions have been answered and you are ready to move forward, we’ll establish a treatment plan and schedule your treatment appointments.

For the most part, patients describe bio-stimulator injections as mildly uncomfortable. We do our best to create an environment that alleviates any pain that you may experience with numbing agents and other diversion techniques. You may find that you are slightly swollen, sore and possibly bruised for a day or two following your injections. 

Products We Use for Bio-Stimulator Injections

At the Centre for Pure Skin office in Grand Rapids, we currently offer three revolutionary bio-stimulating products: Sculptra Aesthetic®, Renuva® and Radiesse®. Each of these products is made up of FDA-cleared ingredients that work to create a new more youthful-looking structure within the skin! 

How Much Does Bio-Stimulator Injections Cost?

The answer: it depends on the amount needed. And with bio-stimulators, the amount needed for full correction depends on each patient’s own physiology and the area being treated. Use our price estimator to see what an average patient pays for Sculptra Aesthetic®, Renuva® or Radiesse®.


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