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Body Shape

While overall well-being should be the motivation behind a healthy lifestyle, most of us also want to experience the positive aesthetic results that a good diet and regular exercise provide. We dream of a smooth, taut and muscular body shape as we pass on dessert and sweat in the gym. The issue is that many of us—despite our efforts—still deal with “problem areas" that just won’t respond the way we’d like them to. 

Body Shape

What causes changes in body shape?

Eating less and moving more are great ways to manage the shape of your body to a degree, but genetics, hormones and age all play a role as well. Our genes dictate body composition and where body fat is stored. Do you have your mother’s thighs or your dad’s chin? Not surprising. Hormonal fluctuations influence appetite, metabolism and fat distribution. After age 30, time begins to take its toll on lean muscle mass and body fat steadily increases. All these factors contribute to the overall shape of your body. 

Why Choose Centre for Pure Skin to Address Your Body Shape?

At the Centre for Pure Skin, we want to help you achieve the most effective outcome. So we’ll discuss the best body-shaping procedure based on your end goals. For some, that could very well be one of our non-surgical options. For others, a surgical body contouring procedure at our sister practice, the Centre for Plastic Surgery, might achieve better results. Offices that only do non-surgical treatments may not be able to educate you on or offer you surgical alternatives, whereas we can.

Body Shape Treatments in Grand Rapids, MI

Non-invasive body contouring or body-shaping is a non-surgical way to reshape areas of the body by removing fat, toning muscle or improving the texture and appearance of the skin. Body contouring procedures have quickly become one of the most sought-after treatments in the aesthetic industry. Why? It seems that most people have a “trouble area” on their body that they wish to improve or have struggled to improve with a healthy diet and exercise. Patients at the Centre for Pure Skin love that these body contouring treatments can sculpt, tone and smooth areas of the body like the tummy, thighs, buttocks, chin, hands and arms with little to no downtime and no anesthesia. These treatments may include: 

Fat Reduction

One way to improve body shape is to target areas that are prone to collecting more fat than others. At the Centre for Pure Skin, our non-invasive fat reduction options include CoolSculpting (cryolipolysis) and Kybella (deoxycholic acid). Both of these work by triggering adipose cell apoptosis—a process that kills fat cells—in the treated area. The cells are then slowly eliminated through the body’s own natural processes, thus improving the shape of the body. 

Cellulite & Fat Volume Loss

Amazingly enough, fat loss can actually be the culprit behind an unwanted body shape or skin texture. Hip dips, depressed scars, thin aging skin and other body irregularities caused by a loss of volume can be treated with certain injectable products like Renuva® and Restylane®.

Topical Products

We’d love it if a topical product could be the “magic bullet” that fixes all your body shape concerns. And when it finally exists, we’ll be the first to offer it! As of now, topical products can only support the treatments mentioned above. They are formulated to improve the quality of the skin, speed up healing and boost treatment outcomes.

Patient Review

“I recommend this place to anyone when they are discussing procedures. I’m very private with my own procedures, but have no problem giving this establishment my recommendation. I truly believe this is excellent care and they are very transparent. I’m never told something just to do something I have always been told the truth which I need.”* -Pure Skin Patient

Annie is wonderful! She is a very skilled provider. Pure Skin is the best. I absolutely love my results. Highly recommend.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Annie Zimmerman

Madeline is awesome! I love my HydraFacials. Madeline does an amazing job.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Madeline Jewell

How Much Do Body Shape Treatments Cost?  

Explore the cost of body shape treatments and find out what an average patient pays. 

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If diet and exercise aren’t providing the result you desire, we are here to help! At the Centre for Pure Skin, you will have access to a team of tenured and highly trained body shape specialists—including our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Contact us or call 616-454-1256 to schedule a consultation so you can learn about your options.

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