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IPL Therapy in Grand Rapids, MI

At the Centre for Pure skin, patients dealing with unwanted skin pigmentation issues often choose IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy as a part of their skincare plan. Over-the-counter skin pigmentation creams and topical treatments cannot even begin to compare to the results that can be attained through IPL treatments.

IPL Therapy in Grand Rapids, MI

IPL Therapy, also known as a photofacial, uses intense pulsed light to target skin cells that have pigment damage. Many patients at the Centre for Pure Skin have experienced significant improvements in the clarity and complexion of their skin after IPL therapy.

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Who is an Ideal Candidate for IPL Therapy? 

Those seeking IPL should have lighter skin tones that are untanned, with areas of skin discoloration.

What IPL Can Treat 

Sunspots & Age Spots

Sun and time are the main cause of skin discoloration. IPL therapy can be an excellent choice for managing the appearance of sunspots and age spots. 


IPL therapy works to reduce the inflammation, redness, uneven tone and pimples caused by rosacea. 

Vascular Lesions

The appearance of vascular lesions like “port wine stains” and broken blood vessels (telangiectasias) can be corrected with IPL therapy. 

Acne Spots

Sometimes acne breakouts cause frustrating, lasting red or dark spots called PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). IPL is considered to be a safe and effective solution for the treatment of PIH. 

Patient Reviews

“After the treatment, [name]‘s face looked so much better. During the acne facial Jamey explain the skin and what products to use for after care and also products to use to achieve the results we were looking for. She did an amazing job. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and the results were great.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Jamey Bailey

“Professionalism of the staff and the results.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Jill Koetje

“Annie is the absolute best! Love being put in her care!”* -Pure Skin Patient, Annie Zimmerman

What to Expect with IPL Therapy 

To begin, you’ll visit our Grand Rapids, MI office for an initial consultation where we will determine if IPL therapy is right for you. During this appointment, we will evaluate your skin, listen to your concerns, educate you about the treatment, discuss anticipated outcomes and talk about pricing. Your provider may also make recommendations for at-home care during this appointment. 

During your Lumecca IPL treatment, there will be a bright flash of light from the handheld IPL device.  Many patients say that it produces a sensation similar to that of a light rubber band snap. Redness and warming of the skin are normal after treatment and usually subside within an hour. Most patients find this non-invasive treatment to be quite tolerable.

While side effects vary, patients receiving IPL therapy may experience a slight warming sensation and redness immediately following the treatment, however, this typically subsides within hours. Most patients will experience a darkening of pigmented spots within 24 – 48 hours of their treatment. These dark spots will then flake off throughout the following week. Some patients find their skin is sensitive to sunlight immediately after the treatment. We recommend that you start your IPL therapy with untanned skin and avoid direct sunlight or tanning for at least six weeks following.

Cost of IPL 

The total cost of IPL therapy depends on the size of the area being treated and the total number of sessions needed to achieve optimal results. Our price estimator will quote you what an average Centre for Pure Skin patient pays for IPL therapy. 


What Brand of IPL Machine is Used at the Center for Pure Skin? 

At the Centre for Pure Skin, we use Lumecca® IPL by InMode Aesthetics. 

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