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“All Natural” vs Medical Skincare: Your Guide to an Effective & Affordable Routine


March 19, 2021

Ah, summer – the season of shedding layers, embracing beachy waves, and lightening things up. It's the time when we opt for fresh salads, juicy fruits, and simpler skincare and makeup routines. And when it comes to natural skincare products, we all want to believe they're the holy grail, right?

The “Skinny” on Natural Skincare Lines

Enter Tata Harper Skincare and Tula Skincare – examples of two of the hottest "all natural" brands in the market. Tata Harper prides itself on being free from toxins and synthetic chemicals, while Tula boasts of 100% natural ingredients packed with probiotics and superfoods. But here's the thing: while natural and organic may seem healthier, the truth is a bit more complex.

For instance, Tata Harper recommends a multi-step routine using an array of products – a total of six in the morning and five at night. While their ingredients may be top-notch, their emollient and oil-based formulations might not suit all skin types during the sweltering summer months. Plus, following Tata's regimen consistently would cost you a whopping $1000 a month – definitely not for the faint of heart!

Tula, on the other hand, offers a range of products enriched with blueberries, turmeric, flaxseed, white tea, and chicory root – all aimed at calming and protecting your skin with the power of probiotics. Building your own skincare routine with their suggested steps would mean purchasing around eight products and spending roughly $364 per month. A tad more affordable, but still not exactly budget-friendly, right?

So, while the allure of all-natural and organic skincare is tempting, it's important to consider the practicality and cost involved. Remember, sometimes simplicity and moderation can be just as effective for achieving healthy skin. Now, as you soak up the summer sun, make informed decisions about your skincare routine, and don't forget to prioritize what works best for you. After all, healthy skin is all about finding that perfect balance!

All Natural and Organic is Healthier Though, Right?

While it may sound tempting, it's important to delve deeper into the world of natural skincare. Not everything that claims to be natural is necessarily research-based or effective. In fact, some natural ingredients can be surprisingly harmful to your skin. Now, we're not saying that all natural and organic skincare lines are bad. However, it's worth noting that many of these products lack extensive research and are not endorsed by medical professionals.

On the flip side, medical grade skincare products offer a whole new level of effectiveness. These products have undergone rigorous studies and are sold by licensed physicians. They boast a higher concentration of active ingredients and fewer "fillers" like parabens or gluten-based products. With specific skin types and concerns in mind, medical grade products work wonders in targeting pollution and free radical damage. Plus, you won't need to pile on multiple treatments because many of these products are formulated to address multiple skincare issues. Alongside treating current problems, they also fortify your skin, preventing future damage as you age—ultimately saving you money in the long run.

It's time to think beyond the allure of natural skincare and explore the world of medical grade products for truly transformative results.

A Simple and Effective Summer Skincare Routine

Our expert aestheticians at the Centre for Pure Skin understand that time is of the essence for today's busy individuals. Let's face it, we all have jam-packed schedules and skincare routines shouldn't be a burden. That's why we believe in the power of simplicity. By using fewer, yet highly concentrated and effective products, you can simplify your skincare routine and stick to it without any hassle. To help you out, here's a handy guide for a refreshing summer skincare routine, complete with our top product recommendations. Here is an example of a simple yet effective skincare regimen: 

Morning Routine:

  1. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser
  2. Apply a thin layer of an effective antioxidant such as SkinBetter® Science Alto Advanced to the face and neck 
  3. If your skin tends to be on the dry side, apply a thin layer of light moisture such as Alastin® Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer
  4. Complete with a tinted sunscreen such as ColorScience® Sunforgettable® Total Protection Face Shield Flex SPF 50 in your tone (this can be used as a sheer foundation as well)

Evening Routine:

  • Cleanse with a gentle cleanser
  • Again, apply a thin layer of an effective antioxidant such as SkinBetter® Science Alto Advanced to the face and neck 
  • Apply a retinoid such as SkinBetter® Science AlphaRet Overnight Cream or Alastin® Renewal Retinol
  • Follow with Alastin® Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer

How Much Does an Effective Skincare Routine Cost?

We understand the importance of not overwhelming you with too many steps. Our products are designed to last between three and four months, when used once or twice a day. By selecting one product from each step mentioned above, you can expect to spend around $150 to $175 per month. This cost is significantly lower than other all-natural skin care lines we mentioned earlier. Rest assured, you'll notice a positive difference in your skin's appearance. So, before you splurge on products with uncertain results, we urge you to consult with one of our aestheticians at Centre for Pure Skin. During your consultation, our aesthetician will thoroughly assess your skin type and recommend personalized products that address your specific needs. We are confident that investing in medical-grade skincare will leave you with a healthier summer glow that you won't regret.