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Do I Need CoolSculpting or Plastic Surgery?

April 28, 2023

In recent years, non-surgical treatments like CoolSculpting have gained popularity as a way to get rid of unwanted body fat, whether it’s to look your best for the beach, revenge dressing, or just because. However, there are still cases where traditional plastic surgery procedures may be a better fit for achieving the desired results. So how do you know whether you're a good candidate for CoolSculpting or if plastic surgery is a better option? Let's take a closer look at both treatments and the factors that can influence which one is right for you.

When Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that uses a special device to freeze fat cells and destroy them in targeted areas of the body. It's most commonly used to treat areas like the abdomen, thighs, and love handles, and is often seen as a more affordable and less risky alternative to liposuction. Bonus: it also has less side effects and little-to-no recovery time compared to liposuction or other fat reduction surgeries.

Good candidates for CoolSculpting are typically individuals who:

  • Have a small to moderate amount of stubborn fat in specific areas of their body, no  matter how many crunches or squats they do
  • Are within 20 pounds of their ideal weight
  • Are generally healthy and not significantly overweight
  • Have realistic expectations about what CoolSculpting can achieve

It's important to note that while CoolSculpting can help to reduce the appearance of fat in targeted areas, it's not a weight loss treatment and isn't effective for treating obesity. Additionally, it may not be the best option for individuals with loose or sagging skin, as it doesn't address skin laxity issues.

CoolSculpting vs. Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, and body lifts are more invasive than CoolSculpting and typically require a longer recovery time. However, they also offer more dramatic and long-lasting results, making them a better option for individuals who are looking to make significant changes to their appearance.

Good candidates for plastic surgery are typically individuals who:

  • Have a significant amount of excess fat or loose skin in a particular area
  • Are in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure
  • Are willing to commit to the recovery process, which may involve several weeks of limited physical activity

Ultimately, the decision to undergo CoolSculpting or plastic surgery should be based on a variety of factors, including your individual goals, overall health, and budget. Consulting with one of our aestheticians or board-certified plastic surgeons can help you determine which option is best for you.

The big takeaway is that CoolSculpting and plastic surgery are both effective ways to address unwanted fat and achieve a more toned and sculpted appearance. While CoolSculpting is a non-invasive and more affordable option for individuals with small to moderate amounts of stubborn fat, plastic surgery may be a better fit for those who have significant amounts of excess fat or loose skin. By consulting with us, you can determine which treatment option is best suited to your individual needs and goals.