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Filler Magic: The Three Most Surprising Uses for Dermal Fillers

Dec 10, 2019

By: Carlie Zervan

Dermal fillers are well-loved, for good reason.

They have the ability to smooth away wrinkles and reduce many common signs of aging; however, dermal fillers can do so much more! Most famous for the cheeks and lips, fillers are an excellent option for those with these aesthetic issues but do not want to undergo invasive surgery. However, the magic of fillers doesn’t stop there. Check out these three surprising uses for dermal fillers-

Liquid Chin Augmentation

There’s something to be noticed about a prominent jawline; it can make a person look younger and healthier. Those who do not wish to have a jaw implant can rejoice! Fillers can make a noticeable difference without intensive surgery. Due to bone loss that comes along with aging, the chin loses volume and projection. By adding volume to the chin and lower jawline, the skin below the chin is also tightened and can improve the neckline. Liquid chin augmentation is an excellent way to create facial balance, especially for those who are dissatisfied with their nasal projection. For patients who may be considering a chin implant but aren’t sure they may want first to consider a liquid chin augmentation. This procedure boasts little to no downtime, with the resulting lasting 9-12 months.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

We know what you are thinking, “a nonsurgical nose job? Does that even exist?”. Absolutely! The filler is used to camouflage minor issues such as a dip or bump in the nose. Results can last 6-9 months, and recovery time is not necessary.

Tear Trough Injections

Fillers work wonders that makeup can never compete with, and they smooth the circles under the eyes by filling in the hollow that becomes deeper as we age. The procedure is considered a deep injection because the filler is placed on the bone; however, tear trough injections are incredibly minimal and straightforward when performed by an expert. Most dermal fillers used in this area will last around nine months to a bit over a year.

It’s easy to understand why dermal fillers have become popular.

For the right candidate, they are effective, last almost a year, and require little recovery time. While there is no set age to start fillers, it depends on how a person ages and their personal preferences. If you are interested in derma fillers, our staff would love to meet with you and talk about options! Give us a call at 616-454-1256 or contact us HERE.