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It’s Time To Switch From Drugstore To Medical-Grade Skincare

Skin Concerns

September 8, 2023

We’re all in pursuit of healthy, youthful skin — and the products that can help us get there. From retinoids to sunscreens to serums, the choices are overwhelming and it’s difficult to know which products will actually work. So, the next time you’re shopping for skincare, what should you look for to know you’re doing your face a favor? To achieve visible results with clean ingredients from trusted companies, the answer is simple: choose medical-grade skincare.

What Makes a Skincare Product Medical-Grade?

In order for a skincare product to be considered medical-grade, it must contain specific ingredients that can only be dispensed by medical professionals. This does not mean any skincare products produced by doctors are medical-grade, however. Products with a medical-grade label are more potent than over-the-counter items, with the requirement of containing a 99.9% pure active ingredient. These products go through numerous clinical trials before going to market to ensure they can produce efficient results for your skin.

The Difference Between Drugstore & Medical-Grade Skincare

Thanks to extensive research and testing, medical-grade skincare is scientifically proven to effectively show results. While some may argue that over-the-counter skincare is more affordable and accessible, the lower-quality ingredients used negatively affect the results that users see. Drugstore products sit on the surface of the face, so they are unable to penetrate deeper layers of skin and address specific skincare concerns. Conversely, medical-grade products are designed to work beneath the epidermis with stronger ingredients that can actually reduce wrinkles or combat acne. Drugstore products can promise the same results as medical-grade skincare does, but there is no scientific confirmation that they’ll actually be able to do what they say.

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Why Invest in Medical-Grade Skincare?

Still not convinced you should make the switch from over-the-counter to pharmaceutical skincare? Medical-grade products offer three primary benefits that your skin will thank you for today and years down the road: clean ingredients, reliable producers, and valuable results.

Clean Ingredients

The ingredients found in medical-grade skincare are always guaranteed to be pure and safe for your skin since they couldn’t receive the designation otherwise. If you suffer from allergies or sensitivities, pharmaceutical products are more likely to be gentle on your skin and eliminate the risk of rashes or breakouts. These skincare products are designed with your health in mind, so you can ensure the ingredients you’re putting on your body will only help, not harm.

Trusted Companies 

Medical-grade skincare is vetted by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), meaning the products must meet rigorous health standards before they can be offered to customers. Companies whose products are evaluated by the FDA are considered highly reputable, with trustworthy business practices that put science — and people — first. These medical experts take special care to ensure their products meet your needs in a safe way.

Noticeable Results

Since medical-grade products are developed by skincare professionals, they are designed to target a customer’s specific needs. Whether you’re experiencing sun damage, scarring, acne, texture, or aging skin, medical-grade products can ensure those concerns are being addressed. There’s no hoping you’ll see change with pharmaceutical skincare — you’ll be able to see tangible results for the conditions you’re seeking to target.

Medical-Grade Skincare We Recommend

At the Centre for Pure Skin, we carry a variety of medical-grade skincare products that address many different skin concerns. Each brand we carry has been tested and selected to ensure customers are receiving quality treatment with sufficient results. We are proud to offer product lines from Alastin Skincare, ColorScience, PCA Skin, SkinCeuticals, and Skinbetter Science. Plus, you can explore products exclusive to the Centre for Pure Skin, from firming body lotion to lip plumper.

Pure Skin Skincare Products

Shop Our Medical-Grade Skincare Products

If you are a patient at the Centre for Pure Skin or the Centre for Plastic Surgery, you can access our wide variety of medical-grade skincare products. Take charge of your skincare routine by investing in medical-grade products, and become a member to browse our online options.