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Kendra Gets Beautified for the Big Day!


July 9, 2015

Our lovely Patient Care Coordinator, Kendra, is getting married on August 21st! She wants to look her absolute best for one of the most important days of her life! Since Kendra works in the perfect setting to achieve this goal, she will be taking full advantage of the skin treatments, injectables and body contouring options available at The Centre. Our Aestheticians and Injectors worked with Kendra to learn about her concerns and define specific Skin Care goals. Kendra started with the following goals: correcting the dark pigmentation on her forehead, correcting the dark circles under her eyes, achieving a more even skin tone and getting a smoother skin texture for a flawless makeup application. She also wanted to do a little non-surgical body contouring with CoolSculpting (along with working very hard in the gym!) so her wedding dress would hug her body in just the right places.

We thought it would be really fun for all of you to join along while we get her beautified for the big day! Kendra’s plan consists of a combination of skin treatments to address pigmentation and texture (InMode Lumecca, InMode Fractora, Chemical Peels) dermal filler for her dark circles, and Botox to improve wrinkles. We have 5 more weeks to get her skin looking flawless and glowing, however, since skin care and body contouring do take some time and patience, she has already started on some of these procedures several months back. Don’t worry! We will be sure to include before and afters and define how long each procedure took for her to see her desired results.

Follow along these next 5 weeks as we get Kendra beautifed for her Big Day!

Tear trough filler injections for dark circles

Kendra gets her first treatment! She struggled with dark circles for a long time due to hollow areas under the eyes. Injection & Laser Specialist, Jacki Solon, RN, treated her tear trough area with Restylane filler to reduce the appearance of dark circles. This procedure produces instant results and lasts approximately one year for most patients.