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My Big Day!

By: Kendra Afton

It’s Valentine’s Day & love is in the air! At the Centre for Plastic Surgery it seems like there is a wedding or a new baby every other week. This past year was a big one for me as I became a wife to my wonderful husband Brad. Because of my unique situation in working for the Centre, I wanted take the opportunity to share about my wedding and the preparations leading up to it.

Being my second wedding I wanted the day to be personal, romantic, and all about the merging of our families. The plan was perfect with a beautiful venue, great food, photographers, guests, and our beautiful children walking us down the aisle. Like any other bride, I couldn’t wait to try on dresses! It was then I realized how much my body had changed. I wanted more than anything to wear a form fitted dress and feel good in it. I wanted the beautiful photographs that I would love for the rest of my life. Working for a plastic surgery practice definitely has its perks. The Centre for Pure Skin team came together to help my for the perfect treatment plan to help me look & feel my best on my big day.

Since the birth of my boys Lance (12) and Carson (10) I started carrying a little extra weight, especially in my midsection. We decided that CoolSculpting was the perfect body contouring option. I had my abdomen, love-handles, and inner thighs treated. I also started on a healthy diet & exercise program. Within just a few weeks I really started to see results! The treated areas were noticeably smaller with a contour that I hadn’t had since before my kids were born. At my final dress fitting, I was so pleasantly surprised when my dress wasn’t nearly as snug as it had been.

Another area of concern for me was my skin. As a teenager I struggled with acne. At the time I thought that the best treatment was to lie in the sun & slather my face with baby oil to tan away the pimples. Of course I was wrong! Not only did the acne leave me with large pores & scars, but I had significant sun damage as well. I had very prominent discoloration on my forehead, upper lip, and under my eyes with mild acne scaring in various areas of my face. To achieve photo ready skin, we utilized several different treatments. We used Fractora to minimize pores and treat the overall texture of my skin. I had a series of three IPL treatments which eliminated the brown spots caused by sun damage. Finally a round stress relieving facials, Botox Cosmetic, & Microdermabrasion left my skin glowing & more youthful!

I am so thankful that I was able to feel amazing & flawless on my wedding day. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day surrounded by our closest friends & family. My Centre for Plastic Surgery family was there to support us (with Jill doing makeup for the wedding!) It was everything I had hoped and planned for. I walked down the aisle filled with confidence and love ready to start a new journey with a fabulous man.