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When A Treat Is Actually A Trick


October 31, 2013

Not only is a great skin care regimen important to our appearance as we age, what we put into our bodies is equally important to maintaining a youthful look. Yoga Wellness expert, Michele Fife educates us on how those “treats” are really affecting us.

We all have our treats and their triggers. A good example might be feeling run down, tired and then reaching for a sweet, or maybe when feeling frustration reaching for alcohol. When making choices such as these it may appear at the time that we are “treating” ourselves to something that could have a palliative effect on our present mood. The truth and the problem here is that we are reacting without thinking and the choices we make at times like these tend to be more harmful than healthful to the body and mind.

The use of food or drink as coping mechanisms is a habit whereby we eat or drink in response to outside stimuli rather than actual body need. Small occurrences of this type of behavior are normal and again in moderation somewhat safe but can become habit forming and turn into a larger problem.

With practice and awareness you can overcome this mindless response to emotion. Knowledge of the problem is the first and most important step. Acknowledge what you are doing and take note of when you are doing it, even noting how you actually feel after you do it. This will put you in a better position to replace the negative habit with a healthy one. Once you become aware of your triggers, when next opportunity arises give yourself a moment to pause and take a mindful approach. If you are tired, the sugar or carbohydrates may give you a momentary spike in energy or mood elevation however you are short term in for another crash. You would be much better served here by taking a brief “time out”, stretching out on the floor, elevating your legs if possible. Perhaps just pausing for some breathing space. Think of what you really want. Is it a break? Think realistically when you can schedule some time just for yourself and book something indulgent like a massage or facial. Is it less stress? Try removing yourself from the stressful environment for a moment, maybe leaving the room, your office or home and go outside for a gentle walk. When we react to emotional impulses without first pausing to think is when we do ourselves more harm than good. Treat yourself and treat yourself well. You deserve only the best.

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