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When is the right time for your first Botox treatment?


June 6, 2013

When is the right time for your first Botox treatment? 40? 50? 60? The right time is BEFORE you see the effects of aging take shape in fine lines and creases. Let discuss the recent experience of a 27-year-old teacher who found the need to be proactive in caring for and preserving her youthful appearance.

“I am constantly frowning throughout the day. I am worried my students think I am angry even though I am not. I am starting to see creases in between my brows even when I am not frowning! I can’t imagine what they will look like in a few years!”

Like most of us, this patient has a demanding schedule. In addition to responsibilities at work and home, she fights to keep her body in peak fitness as an avid runner and swimmer. We condition our bodies to stay in shape – why not the muscles of our face?

Botox limits communication between the nerve and the muscle where injected. If we continually use our frown muscles throughout the day for years and years, we will develop deep-set creases that often require more than Botox to treat. By beginning Botox injections before these creases develop, you can PREVENT the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lower doses can often be used, allowing for a natural appearance.

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