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Annie Zimmerman

RN, BSN, Injection Specialist

In 2020, Annie Zimmerman, RN, BSN came to Pure Skin after many years practicing as an injection specialist. Annie’s reputation for extraordinary patient care and comprehensive aesthetic expertise made her transition to our practice seamless. When you meet Annie, you’ll discover that she is a nurturer to the core and that her true heart shows in the dedication that she gives to her patients. 

Annie pursued her BSN at Madonna and Michigan State Universities, earning her degree in 1986. She began her nursing career at Henry Ford as a Nurse Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. After nearly a decade in the hospital, she brought her knowledge and passion for aesthetic medicine into the medical skin care center theater as a Laser & Injection expert. 

Annie has built her practice on long-term patient relationships that span many miles and many years. She says “I love getting to know my clients beyond the typical provider/patient relationship. When I learn who they really are, I am able to provide a level of treatment that meets their needs and goals. My practice is completely centered around creating an experience that fits each individual patient.”

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