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Madeline Jewell


Madeline Jewell came to the Centre for Pure Skin in 2021 after many years as a hair, makeup and skincare expert. Her wealth of knowledge, bubbly personality and welcoming manner made her a perfect selection for our team. She quickly assimilated into practicing medical aesthetics, becoming a certified skincare and laser specialist. You’ll find that Madeline’s exceptional expertise and comforting sense of humor make her an easy choice to help you address your skincare needs. 

Madeline graduated from Douglas J. Aveda in 2014 with licenses in both cosmetology and esthiology. She went on to further her education by becoming an educator herself, teaching and working in a salon environment. Madeline’s ambitions as an aesthetician are centered around a skincare journey that brings her patients to a deeper level of confidence. She says, “I love it when my patients come back to me excited to learn more about the process of skin care. When they are engaged in understanding their skin and invested in supporting what we do here at home, I know that they will enjoy the most impactful results. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than watching my patients gain the kind of confidence that comes with choosing to make their needs a priority, and I am so honored to be a part of that experience.”

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