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IV Therapy in Grand Rapids, MI

Your diet is perfect, filled with loads of vital nutrients. You drink plenty of water and always function at peak hydration. Doesn’t sound like you?

IV Therapy in Grand Rapids, MI

Then intravenous (IV) therapy at the Centre for Pure Skin could be a great solution! This therapy was originally established as a way to help enhance the health of patients dealing with serious illnesses such as cancer. Today, IV Therapy is considered to be a safe and effective treatment for boosting hydration, energy levels, immune health and more. The intravenous therapies offered at the Centre for Pure Skin consist of a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other supplements that work together to improve overall health. When taken orally, these vital nutrients must pass through the digestive system which can diminish the body’s ability to absorb them—so results are more noticeable when nutrients are delivered via IV. 

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What Company Makes Your IV Therapy Kits? 

Our kits are sourced from one of our most trusted pharmaceutical partners: Olympia Compounding Pharmacy. Olympia is dedicated to the science of a healthy lifestyle for all with specialty pharmaceuticals formulated for optimal health. 

Ideal Candidate for IV Therapy 

The ideal candidate for IV Therapy is a health-conscious person over the age of 18 who desires the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that could improve body function and help them feel their best. 

Things IV Therapy Can Treat

Overall Health & Mood

Our Myers Cocktail IV Therapy was created to reduce stress, improve immunity, reduce pain and boost hydration. Active ingredients include magnesium, B vitamins and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). 

Hair, Skin, & Nails

Inner beauty is the name of the game with this IV kit formulated to improve the appearance of wrinkles, quench dehydrated skin, and fortify your hair and nails. Active ingredients include Biotin, B-Complex vitamins and vitamin C. 

Energy Level & Metabolism

It’s time to get up and go! Jumpstart your body for a healthier and more active you with this fabulous IV therapy blend. Active ingredients include the Olympia Vitamin Complex and essential amino acids. 

Deep Hydration

Rehydrate your body, detox your system, improve circulation, reduce inflammation and restore essential vitamins with the Quench IV. Active ingredients include the Olympia Vitamin Complex, Olympia Mineral Complex and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Patient Reviews

“Staff is professional, and provides excellent service. [Single best thing is…] Improvement with skin tone.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Jill Koetje

“Jamey is amazing. She did a fabulous job and is so incredibly personable. I have recommended her to several of my girlfriends. My skin feels and looks amazing. Thank you!! [Single best thing is…] How much my skin glowed after. I have received numerous compliments on how young I look.”* -Pure Skin Patient, Jamey Bailey

“Jill is so knowledgeable and does such a good job. She is very thoughtful & individualizes treatments to make sure you get the best possible results. Jill is the best!”* -Pure Skin Patient, Jill Koetje

What to Expect During IV Therapy

IV therapy should always be performed in a medical office under the supervision of trained professionals, such as the Centre for Pure Skin. A mixture of potent vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are pumped directly into the bloodstream. This is done with a small needle that is placed in a vein in the hand or arm. This needle is connected to a long tube and bag of IV Therapy fluids best suited to your needs.

Once the IV is placed, and therapy begins, you’ll just sit back and relax in our calming facility. Many patients elect this treatment when they are already in the office for other procedures such as CoolSculpting® or Microneedling. IV Therapy is quick, with most treatments taking under an hour from start to finish. 

How much does IV Therapy cost? 

The cost of IV Therapy depends on the type of treatment that you receive. Use our Price Estimator to find out what an average Centre for Pure Skin patient pays.


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IV Therapy FAQs

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Is there anyone who should NOT receive IV Therapy?

Get the manufacturer’s full details, including safety information on IV Therapy, from Olympia Compounding Pharmacy