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“Emily’s work gave dramatic results in pre-jowl area and eyebrow area. Exceeded my expectations. I feel I have a fresher more attractive look.”* -Juvederm® Patient, Emily Mersman, 06/18/2020

“Emily was great . This was the first time that I had received a treatment from her. She was very friendly and receptive to my needs. Emily also explained the way she would be administering the treatment, which I appreciated. I was very happy with the results. The results were an improvement over previous treatments I had received in the past few years.”* -Botox® Patient, Emily Mersman, 04/08/2020

“Emily is wonderful… she’s so personable and made me feel right at home. She listens to what I want and guides me in the best choice based on her experience. I trust her expertise and am so incredibly thrilled with my results. My results are incredible. My lips look so much fuller without looking over done.”* -Restylane® Patient, Emily Mersman, 04/07/2020

“Emily is very good at her job, the Botox injections are not very painful at all with her technique. [Single best thing is…] Lines in the injected areas disappear and it also gives me an eyebrow lift!”* -Botox® Patient, Emily Mersman, 04/05/2020

“She was great to work with. She listened, gave great solutions to the questions I asked, she was very personable, I felt she genuinely cared about me as a person and not just a patient. [Single best thing is…] Starting to clear my skin.”* -HydraFacial® Patient, Jill Koetje, 03/29/2020

“It was my first visit with Emily and I felt she took the time to understand what I was looking for in my results and made suggestions based on her experience. I’m happy with my results. [Single best thing is…] I felt at ease there and I’m very happy with the results.”* -Botox® Patient, Emily Mersman, 03/24/2020

“Jamey is amazing, thorough and explains everything in detail! [Single best thing is…] Better skin (and of course, I got to see Jamey again 😊)!!”* -Facial Patient, Jamey Bailey, 03/24/2020

“Jill is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. She makes me feel like I’m in very good hands. [Single best thing is…] The procedure is working because I can see the results.”* -IPL Patient, Jill Koetje, 03/14/2020

“Amanda was wonderful to work with. She explained the benefit of each step of skincare. She even emailed me a step by step instruction sheet for using the products, (what order, how much) to maximum efficiency. This was so helpful. [Single best thing is…] The hydra facial made my skin look and feel better and I know keeping a regular regimen of hydra facials will only improve the look and texture of my skin.”* -HydraFacial® Patient, Amanda Cate, 03/13/2020

“Amanda is great and provides me with valuable information. I enjoy the process and Amanda keeps me updated on each thing she does and how it helps my skin.”* -HydraFacail® Patient, Amanda Cate, 03/12/2020

“Jill is great! She is very kind and informative and makes you feel comfortable throughout the treatment.”* -CoolTone™ Patient, Jill Koetje, 03/12/2020

“I just look better. [Single best thing is…] effective, not costly no down time”* -Dermaplane Patient, Jamey Bailey, 03/10/2020

“The procedure has worked as it was presented to me. Emily was very professional during the entire process.”* -Kybella® Patient, Emily Mersman, 03/10/2020

“Emily was great and listened intently to my concerns about my treatment. She was quick and made the experience as painless as possible. Emily listened to my concerns and gave me the exact results I was looking for!”* -Botox® Patient, Emily Mersman, 03/09/2020

“Emily always provides personal attention and professional advice. I leave knowing I’ve been listened to and that I will look better and refreshed. [Single best thing is…] less wrinkles in my forehead, brighter eyes, fewer headaches.”* -Botox® Patient, Emily Mersman, 03/08/2020

“This was my first time and Emily gave me so much comfort and confidence. [Single best thing is…] The results!”* -Botox® & Restylane® Patient, Emily Mersman, 03/07/2020

“My skin looks great. Jamey does a great job discerning what is best for my skin. I trust that she knows what will help my skin be healthy and look great. [Single best thing is…] Great looking skin.”* -Chemical Peel Patient, Jamey Bailey, 03/04/2020

“I enjoy my time with Jill. She is professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. I like the products you offer and how my skin looks and feels after my treatments. Front desk staff is a delight as well. Love how my skin feels and looks after.”* -HydraFacial® Patient, Jill Koetje, 03/04/2020

“Jamey is amazing!!! She’s so sweet and my face always looks and feels great when I leave! [Single best thing is…] How amazing my skin looks when I’m done.”* -HydraFacial® Patient, Jamey Bailey, 03/04/2020

“Love the team. They all work together so well! Emily is the best injector I have ever had. Makes me look good and feel good about myself.”* -Dysport® & Restylane® Patient, Emily Mersman, 03/04/2020

“Jill is the best! Professional and kind. She understood my breakout problem and in a few days I was back to clear skin! [Single best thing is…] Clear, bright skin!”* -HydraFacial® Patient, Jill Koetje, 01/16/2020

“After the treatment, [name]‘s face looked so much better. During the acne facial Jamey explain the skin and what products to use for after care and also products to use to achieve the results we were looking for. She did an amazing job. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and the results were great.”* -Acne Facial Patient, Jamey Bailey, 01/16/2020

“Jamey is the best. She is so thorough. She knows how self conscious I am with my procedure and she will do everything she can to make sure I’m comfortable. She is just an awesome person and genuinely cares about her customers. [Single best thing is…] Removing the hair.”* -Laser Hair Removal Patient, Jamey Bailey, 01/15/2020

“Jill is exceptional! I love how my skin feels after a treatment. [Single best thing is…] My face feels amazing.”* -Dermaplaning & Facial Patient, Jill Koetje, 01/13/2020

“She thoroughly explained everything, the results were amazing, and she gave me a sample product to help continue the improvement of my skin!”* -HydraFacial® Patient, Jamey Bailey, 01/12/2020

“Jamie is knowledgeable and has great customer service skills. She’s awesome! [Single best thing is…] The way my skin feels when she’s done.”* -Chemical Peel Patient, Jamey Bailey, 01/12/2020

“Emily is amazing. Super kind. Always runs on time and great about explaining procedure. [Single best thing is…] Healthier looking skin.”* -SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, Emily Mersman, 01/10/2020

“I was treated with openness and honesty. My skin looks great.”* -Facial Patient, Jamey Bailey, 01/09/2020

“Jill is always in a happy mood and very encouraging. She is very professional and you can tell she is very dedicated to her profession. [Single best thing is…] My skin feels amazing.”* -HydraFacial® Patient, Jill Koetje, 01/09/2020

“I let Emily and Diane do what they think is best for me. I have never been disappointed. I trust these two ladies completely. [Single best thing is…] My husband saying it looked great!”* -Dysport® Patient, Emily Mersman, 01/09/2020

“Jill is very nice and knowlegable. Made for a pleasant { well as it can be for zapping my hair follicles} experience. [Single best thing is…] No more dark hairs on and under my chin.”* -Laser Hair Removal Patient, Jill Koetje, 01/09/2020

“Emily is great at injecting. [Single best thing is…] I look younger!!!”* -Botox® Patient, Emily Mersman, 01/08/2020

“Jamey was very professional and explained everything as it was happening. My appointment started on-time, which is always appreciated. I was so appreciative of the sample of numbing cream given at the beginning of my appointment. That helped tremendously. The procedure was done expeditiously while also getting all of my questions answered. It was great.”* -Laser Hair Removal Patient, 11/22/2019, Jamey Bailey

“I’ve seen Emily on several occasions. She does a beautiful job and discusses and explains thing very clearly. Emily is a very kind and caring person. A pleasure to see her! I’m 78 years old so my goal was to look less tired and a few less wrinkles. This was accomplished.”* -BOTOX® Cosmetic & Injectable Fillers Patient, 11/20/2019, Emily Mersman

“Jamey did a great job explaining the procedure and the potential outcome. I was very confident about her description and extremely pleased with the end result. Almost all of my sunspots on my face flaked away! Happy happy!”* -IPL Patient, 11/19/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Emily was great. She is very skilled and explained what she was doing and how the injection areas would respond and settle in. She made me feel very secure and frequently asked if I was comfortable. The results are quite beautiful, especially filling in lip lines. Not overdone, very youthful. Using much less makeup primer every day to hide wrinkles and brow furrows.”* -Dysport® & Restylane® Patient, 11/19/2019, Emily Mersman

“I appreciated the expertise, kindness and gentleness when Emily was doing the procedure. [Single best thing is…] how quickly I saw the results.”* -Dysport®

Patient, 11/19/2019, Emily Mersman

“Jamey is informative and my skin looks and feels wonderful after the procedure. [Single best thing is…] How good my skin looks afterward.”* -Chemical Peel Patient, 11/192019, Jamey Bailey

“Emily is gentle, accurate and just plain excellent with her treatment. [Single best thing is…] they met my expectations.”* -Dysport® Patient, 11/19/2019, Emily Mersman

“Friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff. [Single best thing is…] how wonderful my skin looks and feels after HydraFacials.”* -HydraFacial® Patient, 11/19/2019, Jill Koetje

“Very informative regarding my skin and products to help maintain healthy skin. [Single best thing is…] My face feels fresh and renewed.”* -HydraFacial® Patient, 11/17/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Emily was wonderful , very informative and took time to explain the procedure. She was professional and quick with the injections so there was very minimal discomfort. The results are great! I feel that I look my best after the treatment with a noticeable difference in my face, fine lines have been eliminated.”* -Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 11/16/2019, Emily Mersman

“Everything was explained thoroughly. [Single best thing is…] Amanda! She is great and really knows the products/procedures.”* -SkinPen® Patient, 11/15/2019, Amanda Cate

“Emily is fantastic, I always get great service from her. [Single best thing is…] great results and I believe your prices are very fair in this area for the service you give.”* -Dysport® Patient, 11/15/2019, Emily Mersman

“Low pain, great results and I really enjoy seeing Emily. I have been getting Dysport for a while. The best thing about it is the fast results!”* -Dysport® Patient, 11/14/2019, Emily Mersman

“I used to struggle with adult acne. This treatment helps to keep my face clear and is a preventative visit for me. [Single best thing is…] softer skin. Clear skin.”* -Chemical Peel Patient, 11/14/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Emily is very personable, she answers questions and does a great job. [Single Best Thing] It improves my appearance, I like what I see when I look in the mirror!”* -Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 11/14/2019, Emily Mersman

“The HydraFacial was relaxing and refreshing. Jamey does an excellent job! The HydraFacial left my face feeling renewed and very smooth.”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 11/14/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jamey is truly dedicated to provide the best skin recommendations, and my skin always looks amazing after my visit!”* -Level One Peel Patient, 10/07/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Staff is professional, and provides excellent service. [Single best thing is…] Improvement with skin tone.”* -SkinPen Patient, 09/30/2019, Jill Koetje

[Single best thing is…] “Brighter, more hydrated, clean skin. Amanda explained every step of the procedure, which made me comfortable throughout. She also explained what my complexion needed on a daily basis to improve. I also liked her bright personality and easy conversation. Will definitely continue to use CPS for any future procedures recommended by Amanda.”* - HydraFacial MD®, Dermaplaning Patient, 9/28/2019, Amanda Cate

“The hydrafacial always makes my skin so clear. I feel like a weight lifted off every time. Feels so refreshing!!!! Jamey has taken care of my skin so well over the last couple years. My skin has never looked better. She’s so knowledgeable and I trust her 100%. She always knows what’s best for my skin. Some places always just push products on you and I know that when Jamey says I should purchase something it’s because I truly need it and I have that trust in her!!”* - HydraFacial MD®, Dermaplaning Patient, 9/28/2019, Jamey Bailey

“From the time I checked in until I left I was treated as a valued friend. I love how my face feels and looks afterwards- I just feel uplifted by my appearance.”* - Micropeel Patient, 9/28/2019, Jamey Bailey

“[Single best thing is…] Significant decrease in lines. Jill is very professional, skilled and personable. She explains what she is doing and why. She questioned me about any discomfort when applying each component of the facial. Answered any questions I had completely. She and the results of the facial is why I come back regularly. All the staff from “hello” is wonderful!”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 9/27/2019, Jill Koetje

“Smooth skin and helped fine lines and wrinkles. Jill always does a fine job. She is professional and l really appreciate the care she takes with my face. Jill has recommended wonderful skin care products that have given me great results!”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 9/26/2019, Jill Koetje

“Jill is great! Really cares about what she does. Highly recommend her!!”* - HydraFacial MD®, Laser Hair Removal Patient, 9/26/2019, Jill Koetje

Jamey is just great and she gives a lot of information and answers any questions you may have. She is also very honest on the procedure that is being done so I wasn’t surprised with the results or any side effects. [Single best thing is…] The side saddle on my thighs are better and less giggly, I will be going in for the 3rd treatment on them soon.”* - CoolSculpting® Patient, 9/19/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jesten was careful and thorough. She did a very good job. I’m highly satisfied. I feel more confident about my appearance. I didn’t have much eyebrows and now I do!”* - Microblading Patient, 9/18/2019, Jesten Myers

“Love working with Jamey. Skin always feels great afterwards. [Single best thing is…] Softness of skin weeks later.”* SkinMedica Rejuvenize Peel Patient, 9/18/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Emily is very personal and individualizes her treatments. She cares about the results and wants to fully understand what the client’s expectations are. She listens and also explains clearly. She was able and willing to get me in quickly and also out of the office in a timely manner respecting my schedule as well- all with professionalism and amazing results!”* - Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 9/17/2019, Emily Mersman

“Amanda is spectacular. She is very thorough and great at evaluating my skincare needs. My skin feels wonderful!”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 9/17/2019, Amanda Cate

“I love Jamey so much! She not only does a fabulous job but only makes honest suggestions that she thinks that I would like. [Single best thing is…] I enjoy my banter with Jayme and my skin feels amazing!”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 9/17/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jill is so amazing! She’s kind, very personal and easy to talk with. Also, professional, excellent and knowledgeable about what she does. My old skin always feels so refreshed when she’s done. Love Jill!”* - Dermaplaning, HydraFacial MD® Patient, 9/17/2019, Jill Koetje

“My skin always feels amazing and Jill is always sharing ways to improve my skin tone and texture. Jill is the best! She always makes me feel valued. I can’t say enough professional and personable. It’s truly worth the hour drive from Lansing.”*- Dermaplaning, HydraFacial MD® Patient, 8/13/2019, Jill Koetje

“I love the fresh, clean feeling I have after the facials. My skin always has a glow to it for a few days after my visit. I’ve also become extremely comfortable with Jill, she’s amazing at what she does and she’s very knowledgeable.”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 8/13/2019, Jill Koetje

“I’m always impressed by the kind and caring treatment I get from Jacki, Jamey, and the office staff. Also, the treatments are very effective. [Single best thing is…] Lightening of dark pigmentation and fewer grooves in my forehead.”* - IPL Patient, 8/13/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Amanda is wonderful! She gives great advice on skincare! [Single best thing is…] Results after!”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 8/13/2019, Amanda Cate

“It’s relaxing! Procedure works well for me and Jill does a great job.”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 8/13/2019, Jill Koetje

“Emily is the best. She listens and does a great job. The results are quick and fairly painless.”* - Dysport® Patient, 8/12/2019, Emily Mersman

“Amanda was highly knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable! The results from the hydrafacial were amazing.”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 8/12/2019, Amanda Cate

“She is hands down the best in the area when it comes to microblading! The attention to patient comfort and detail is 5-star.”* -Microblading Patient, 08/12/2019, Jesten Myers

“Jamey is so informative and educated on all services offered. She was professional yet easy to speak with. I left feeling informed and extremely confident in my decision to work with CPS!!”* -CoolSculpting® Patient, 7/17/2019, Jamey Bailey

“I can see the difference in my complexion after an IPL. Spider veins and discoloration is gone and my skin looks clear and even. [Single best thing is…] Complexion looks great.”* -IPL Patient, 7/12/201, Jamey Bailey

[Single best thing is…] “I like the way my skin feels and looks. I have been a patient of Jamie for many years, she is friendly so time goes fast and I am confident that she is an expert in skin care.”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 7/10/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jill is a pleasure to work with. My skin looks awesome! [Single best thing is…] Rosacea is calm and no breakouts.*” - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 7/10/2019, Jill Koetje

“Jesten is very professional, while also being personable and friendly, she explained the procedure in detail, and prepared me for what to expect. [Single best thing is…] I now have eyebrows. 😊”* -Microblading Patient, 7/10/2019, Jesten Meyers

“Amanda is very conscientious about perfection. Marvelous job!”* -Patient, 06/24/2019, Amanda Cate

“Jamey is the best aesthetician. She is so thorough and knowledgeable about facial products. I would never see anyone else!”* -Dermaplaning, HydraFacial MD® Patient, 6/24/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Friendly, knowledgeable. [Single best thing is…] Smooth skin.”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 6/24/2019, Jill Koetje

“GREAT service [Single best thing is…] the outcome!”* -Microblading Patient, 6/24/2019, Jesten Meyers

[Single best thing is…] “To have eyebrows that don’t disappear.”* -Microblading Patient, 06/09/2019, Jesten Myers

​Jill was amazing! The hydrafacial was great and my at home products are helping my skin to look more even and glow. [Single best thing is…] The education to better care for my skin everyday.”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 6/9/2019, Jill Koetje

“Amanda is very professional and cares about her client’s needs and goals.”* -Dermaplaning & HydraFacial MD® Patient, 06/09/19, Amanda Cate

“Jamey always does a great job. Been going to her for peels for about 15 years!”* -Micropeel Patient, 6/9/2019, Jamey Bailey

“The procedure has lasting results. [Single best thing is…] Jamey ROCKS! She’s professional and very sweet- a combo hard to beat. Don’t lose her!”* -Facial Patient, 6/7/2019, Jamey Bailey

[Single best thing is…] :How clean I was afterwards. She took so much funk out of my skin! My face was cleaner than it has ever been. Jamey is the nicest, most personable woman! I love going to her for treatments.”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 06/07/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Emily was very thorough in explaining the procedure and the results I should expect. I am very happy with the results I received. [Single best thing is…] The thorough explanation of what to expect.” * - Dysport® Patient, 06/05/19, Emily Mersman

“Jill does a very good job for the needs of my skin.”* -SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 05/05/2019, Jill Koetje

“Jamie is a lovely person. Very nice. I was there for four hours having multiple treatments done. She kept me comfortable and happy the entire time. I’m actually going to have her do my HydraFacials as well.”* - CoolSculpting® Patient, 04/29/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jesten does excellent work and is very friendly and professional. [Single best thing is…] The quality of the treatment.”* -Microblading Patient, 04/29/2019, Jesten Myers

“Emily is the sweetest, most professional, talented PA I have Ever encountered for neurotoxins and fillers. She is so gentle and kind and informative and personable. I am So happy to have found her!”* -Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 04/29/2019, Emily Mersman

“Jesten does artistic work and my brows show great improvement. Improved eyebrow look makes me feel more confident.”* -Microblading Patient, 04/22/2019, Jesten Myers

“Jamey is always friendly and offers excellent recommendations for my skin care routine. [Single best thing is…] Healthy and clear looking skin.”* -Micropeel Patient, 04/21/2019, Jamey Bailey

“My skin felt great. Amanda explained everything she was doing as she worked.”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 04/18/2019, Amanda Cate

“I am always treated with such care and professionalism. Always look forward to going to CPS whether it’s for a procedure or just stopping in for skin care products. I have had my second treatment with the skin pen and the change in my skin is amazing.”*—SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 04/15/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jamey is very good at her work. She did an incredible job for me. My skin looks so much smoother and more even in tone.”* - SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 04/13/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jesten is always very patient when working on refining my eyebrows and wants to make sure I was always satisfied with her work.”* -Microblading Patient, 04/12/2019, Jesten Myers

“She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to while getting nerve racking procedures done. The SkinPen delivers results better than anything I have used before and I am a skincare junkie- there’s not much I have’t done/tried.”* - SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 04/12/2019, Amanda Cate

“I love Jamey! She is the only person I trust with my face! She explains everything and does an amazing job!”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 04/11/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jamey is like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way! Jamey is the reason I go to the Center for Plastic Surgery. I shopped around and interviewed aestheticians, and when I met Jamey, I knew I wanted her to be the one to treat me.”* -IPL Patient, 04/11/2019, Jamey Bailey

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