Centre for Pure Skin Reviews

“Jill does a very good job for the needs of my skin.”* -SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 05/05/2019, Jill Koetje

“Excellent treatment. Jackie went slowly administering the treatment. No bruising. Diane assisted, kind and efficient. [Single best thing is…] The results and the way I was treated.”* -Dysport® Patient, 04/30/2019, Jacki Solon

“Jamie is a lovely person. Very nice. I was there for four hours having multiple treatments done. She kept me comfortable and happy the entire time. I’m actually going to have her do my HydraFacials as well.”* - CoolSculpting® Patient, 04/29/2019, Jamey Bailey

“I liked that the results were soft and subtle. My mouth doesn’t droop as much so I think I look happier.”* -Botox® Cosmetic & Lip Enhancement Patient, 04/29/2019, Jacki Solon

“Jesten does excellent work and is very friendly and professional. [Single best thing is…] The quality of the treatment.”* -Microblading Patient, 04/29/2019, Jesten Myers

“Emily is the sweetest, most professional, talented PA I have Ever encountered for neurotoxins and fillers. She is so gentle and kind and informative and personable. I am So happy to have found her!”* -Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 04/29/2019, Emily Mersman

“Jesten does artistic work and my brows show great improvement. Improved eyebrow look makes me feel more confident.”* -Microblading Patient, 04/22/2019, Jesten Myers

“Jamey is always friendly and offers excellent recommendations for my skin care routine. [Single best thing is…] Healthy and clear looking skin.”* -Micropeel Patient, 04/21/2019, Jamey Bailey

“My skin felt great. Amanda explained everything she was doing as she worked.”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 04/18/2019, Amanda Cate

“I am always treated with such care and professionalism. Always look forward to going to CPS whether it’s for a procedure or just stopping in for skin care products. I have had my second treatment with the skin pen and the change in my skin is amazing.”*—SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 04/15/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jamey is very good at her work. She did an incredible job for me. My skin looks so much smoother and more even in tone.”* - SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 04/13/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jesten is always very patient when working on refining my eyebrows and wants to make sure I was always satisfied with her work.”* -Microblading Patient, 04/12/2019, Jesten Myers

“She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to while getting nerve racking procedures done. The SkinPen delivers results better than anything I have used before and I am a skincare junkie- there’s not much I have’t done/tried.”* - SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 04/12/2019, Amanda Cate

“I love Jamey! She is the only person I trust with my face! She explains everything and does an amazing job!”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 04/11/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jamey is like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way! Jamey is the reason I go to the Center for Plastic Surgery. I shopped around and interviewed aestheticians, and when I met Jamey, I knew I wanted her to be the one to treat me.”* -IPL Patient, 04/11/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Love the feel of facial skin & look of clean pores after HydraFacial. Jill is very personable & does a great job. My face feels great afterwards!”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 04/11/2019, Jill Koetje

“I’ve been meeting with Jamey for over 10 years. She’s wonderful. Always walks me through what to expect.”* -Chemical Peel Patient, 04/11/2019, Jamey Bailey

“I feel so wonderful after getting the procedure done! My skin feels so good! Amanda is so amazing! I enjoy seeing her! She is personable and just a pleasure! She is so good at what she does!” –Dermaplaning & HydraFacial MD® Patient, 04/11/2019, Amanda Cate

“It did everything as advertised! Jamey is outstanding & professional with the right touch of nurturing & caring. It took care of my ‘barnacles of life’.”* -IPL Patient, 04/07/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Yes absolutely love Emily and Diane. They are a fantastic team!!!! Naturally changed the look of my face.”* -Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 03/30/2019, Emily Mersman

“Jill is so knowledgeable and does such a good job. She is very thoughtful & individualizes treatments to make sure you get the best possible results. Jill is the best!”*- Microdermabrasion Patient, 03/21/2019, Jill Koetje

“Emily is so professional and always makes me look the best I can look. I have a very deep crease between my eyes and Botox really softens it.”* -Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 03/17/2019, Emily Mersman

“I found Jacki to be very knowledgeable and it was obvious she knew what she was doing because of her years of experience! They are unlike [other] Centers with injectors who are very young and have little knowledge as far as experience in the areas of injectables. After [another center] gave me a liquid face lift, after the swelling went down, one side of my face was higher than the other. It looked like I had a stroke! When I asked them to fix it, they said they were too busy because they were moving! I saw your building across the street and made an appointment! Immediately there was a difference. I was introduced to a very nice woman who explained all the services available and reassured me regardless of what products they had used they could fix my face and they did! There is a big difference in the level of professionalism and knowledgeable staff at GRCPS compared to the new offices across the street. I have been very impressed and now have a place to get my HydraFacials and injections and next month some plastic surgery done. At every level of this establishment I have seen only the utmost professionalism and a caring staff. I am looking forward to having a long relationship with this establishment?!”* -Botox® Cosmetic & Injectable Filler Patient, 03/13/2019, Jacki Solon & Diane Blaisdell

“Felt very comfortable the moment I arrived till the moment I left. Jill was very nice, and helped calm my nerves and anxiety about having my procedure done. It didn’t hurt as much as I was anticipating.”* -CoolSculpting® Patient, 03/13/2019, Jill Koetje

“Jacki was very thorough and calm. Always lets me know where she is inserting the filler and what to expect. Everything turned out very even and non-obvious. This is what I wanted. There was little pain and I am very happy with my injections. I feel that the lines around my mouth and chin are less noticeable and help me to regain some of the youth in my skin. I am overall very happy!”* -Dysport® & Injectable Filler Patient, 03/11/2019, Jacki Solon

“I think IPL is one of the best facial treatments. It gets rid of brown spots and tightens the skin. Jamie knows skin and does an excellent job. She is very skilled and so sweet. [Single best thing is…] Improved skin.”* -IPL Patient, 03/09/2019, Jamey Bailey

“I was very impressed with Jamey. She was very professional and very kind and helpful to me. It went very smoothly and pleasantly for me.”* - SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 03/08/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jacki is so skilled at determining how to treat to reach my goals and then terrific at accomplishing the results [Single best thing is…] I looked great, less tired and “saggy” ? after the treatment.”* -Injectable Filler Patient, 03/08/2019, Jacki Solon

“My skin looks great. Jamey is always on time and friendly. Great result with no skin irritations.*” - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 03/08/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Emily is very intentional with her process. She always communicates with me what she is going to do, where, and why, so that I can be confident in the process. The results of my procedure were great and I will be happy to go back to her for my next one!”* -Injectable Filler Patient, 03/07/2019, Emily Mersman

“I seek treatment to help bring and maintain symmetry in my face as I have Bell’s Palsy. I started seeing Jacki last year for this and am blown away by her skills and expertise. Jacki knows exactly where to do injections to help smooth some dimpling here, drooping eye there. Feeling confident in smiling again.”* -Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 03/07/2019, Jacki Solon

“Emily is always so nice and professional. She truly cares about her patients and is always on time. She is the reason I come to this facility. The results look good and are effective.”* -Dysport® Patient, 03/07/2019, Emily Mersman

“Jamey is very experienced and has taken great care of my skin. I trust Jamey’s recommendations and truly feel she is amazing! [Single best thing is…] Smooth and clear skin. I frequently hear that I look much younger than my age, thanks to Jamey!”* -Micropeel Patient, 02/25/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jacki always takes the time to listen to me as a person rather than a subject area to treat. I feel as though she cares for me, and the experience is a pleasant sharing of time rather than a procedure. The results achieved are always great! [Single best thing is…] The confidence restored from the results of the procedure.”* -Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 02/22/2019, Jacki Solon

“Jill is wonderful. She really cares about what she does.” Microdermabrasion Patient, 02/21/2019, Jill Koetje

“She did a great job on explaining the process & mapping out my eyebrows.”* Microblading Patient, 02/19/2019, Jesten Myers

“Amanda makes sure you are completely educated on what she is doing. I appreciate the step by step process. Amanda also makes sure you are completely comfortable! My skin feels super smooth and my acne is nonexistent after a peel with Amanda.”* -Micropeel Patient, 02/19/2019, Amanda Cate

“My skin feels great after. It looks brighter and I feel prettier than when I first arrived. Jamey is thorough and detailed. She shows great care in her procedure. She is also gentle and always checks to make sure you are doing ok. She is a true professional and I have complete confidence in her.”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 02/18/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jamey is always so professional and positive! She is great at what she does and is very thorough.”* -Laser Hair Removal Patient, 02/18/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Amanda’s skill and deft touch always make for a wonderful experience. [Single best thing is…] The care. Amanda is so kind and always makes sure I am comfortable.”*—HydraFacial MD® Patient, 02/18/2019, Amanda Cate

“Jill was great and made me feel at home. Treatment was great. Treatment was easy and could see a visible difference in my skin.”* -Micropeel Patient, 02/18/2019, Jill Koetje

“I received 3 IPL treatments; I’ve had the first of 3 (in a series) of the SkinPen w/PRP. I’ve been coming to Jamey Bailey for 20+ years; she is very knowledgeable & I know I’ll look & feel great. An appointment with Jamey is like a skin care tutorial. My skin is smoother, appears lifted, sun damage & fine lines diminished.”* -IPl & SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 02/18/2019, Jamey Bailey

“They were able to fit me in after I had to cancel due to weather. And Jesten is wonderful. Professional and does excellent work. Love that my brows look great.”* -Microblading Patient, 02/18/2019, Jesten Myers

“My face looked rejuvenated. I loved how my skin felt and looked!”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 02/10/2019, Jill Koetje

“Very knowledgeable, friendly and professional great staff! Very comfortable no pain for my filler!”* -Botox® Cosmetic & Juvéderm® XC Patient, 02/08/2019, Jacki Solon

“Emily is the best injector I have ever had. The results were great! [Single best thing is…] The time and care Emily and Diane took to explain the procedure. I am so happy with the results!”* -Dysport® & Restylane® Patient, 02/06/2019, Emily Mersman

“Jacki is absolutely wonderful and makes the entire experience enjoyable. You can tell she really loves what she does and she goes out of her way to make every visit a great experience. I wouldn’t go to anyone else! The results are subtle but exactly what I wanted. People can notice something looks different about me but can never pinpoint what it is, it never looks fake and I’ve gotten alot of compliments.”* - Restylane® Patient, 02/06/2019, Jacki Solon

“Jill is amazing. Extremely conscientious and personable. My skin feels amazing. [Single best thing is…] Seeing the results!”* -Dermaplaning & Facial Patient, 02/06/2019, Jill Koetje

“My skin feels rejuvenated and glows. I feel Jill gives me her undivided attention and is very thorough.”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 02/05/2019, Jill Koetje

“Less redness. Jill is an excellent listener and very knowledgeable on what tools are best for skin types. She is also a fun caring person. I also appreciate her continuing education and its application to her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Jill to others interested in her expertise.”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 02/05/2019, Jill Koetje

“I had some questions about my account which Mason politely and immediately resolved in a good way. I also arrived very early (due to the bad weather I allowed extra travel time) and was warmly welcomed and offered a nice coffee, etc. And always, I enjoy my treatments with Jamey. I had IPL which is painful for me and Jamey is very good about keeping me calm and making it as easy and pain-free as possible. I have had good results with IPL in the past on brown spots, discolorations, etc. I am waiting to see the improvements soon.”* -IPL Patient, 02/05/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Emily was very thorough and detailed when explaining the procedure. She is extremely knowledgeable and skilled about all procedures. I love the results! I had deep, fanning, crows feet and the procedure greatly softened the wrinkles.”* -Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 02/05/2019, Emily Mersman

“I love the results… natural…just a prettier me.”* -Botox® Cosmetic & Injectable Filler Patient, 2/5/2019, Emily Mersman

“Clean skin! Jamey is highly skilled, professional, and a pleasure to have as my aesthetician. My skin has never looked better. I am so appreciative of her expertise.”* - Dermaplaning & HydraFacial MD® Patient, 02/05/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Everyone does an excellent job and is very friendly. I see Jill for my facials and Jackie for injections. All of the employees make me and my husband feel welcome and important! Skin renewal and wrinkle reduction. Several things were done.”* - Restylane®, HydraFacial MD® & SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 01/19/2019, Jill Koetje & Jacki Solon

“Yes she is great [Single best thing is…] Not having to shave.”* -Laser Hair Removal Patient, 01/10/2019, Jill Koetje

“I commute from Spring Lake to Grand Rapids for treatment even when there is a provider locally because Emily provides the best experience and I am only comfortable with her for treatment. No visible signs of a procedure being done. No bruising after”* -Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 01/10/2019, Emily Mersman

“I had a consultation with Diane first, and I felt like she was amazingly knowledgeable and thorough in explaining everything. She made me feel unbelievably comfortable and I trusted her completely. She is absolutely wonderful! I met with Jacki next and she took any fear or nervousness I had away, and I was so happy with the results of my lips! I also had dysport to get rid of those terrible 11’s between the eyes and the results are still amazing. I just have to add in that Diane went above and beyond by coming into the room and holding my hand during the whole thing! I don’t think she realized how much something little like that mattered, but it definitely stuck out for me! Overall, they both made something that I was initially nervous about a great experience!”* -Dysport® & Injectable Filler Patient, 01/10/2019, Jacki Solon & Diane Blaisdell

“Very professional, explained everything in easy to understand terms.”* -Microblading Patient, 01/10/2019, Jesten Myers

“I was a former patient at [other practices]. The facilities at CPS are much different than those offered at [at those practices] and many more services and products are available. The customer service is fantastic at CPS .. the after effects of Botox do not go unnoticed (and I’m not just talking fewer migraines…).”* -Botox® Cosmetic & Botox® Therapeutic Patient, 01/10/2019, Jacki Solon

“Jesten always does a fabulous job. Love the look of my eyebrows.”* -Microblading Patient, 01/10/2019, Jesten Myers

“Yes very satisfied.”* -Dermaplaning Patient, 01/10/2019, Amanda Cate

“Emily only offers/recommends what is necessary. I appreciate her honesty and consideration, which affects your looks and pocketbook! She is very endearing, professional, customer-service oriented, and makes you feel comfortable with the treatment and as a person. Love her gentle touch, sweet disposition and skillful hands. LOVE MY NEW YOUTHFUL LOOK! I had only had a filler treatment, elsewhere, once in my life about 5 years ago, and it was botched! Ever since, I never considered filler again. Emily reassured this would be the answer to my wrinkle concerns. IT WAS! IT WORKED!”* -Botox® Cosmetic & Injectable Filler Patient, 01/10/2019, Emily Mersman

“The office has a wonderful ambience from the time I enter the door. Friendly and professional at the front desk and I always appreciate that Jamey runs on time. She is very friendly, not stuffy. She answers all my questions and makes recommendations for a plan for my long term concerns and issues. She explains everything in detail and I have had several different procedures. [Single best thing is…] I always look younger and more fresh when I come out! And it lasts.”* - HydraFacial MD® Patient, 01/08/2019, Jamey Bailey

“I love the way my skin feels and I always enjoy Jill’s company. Jill is always professional, kind and she always keeps me informed of any specials that are going on.”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 01/07/2019, Jill Koetje

“Professionalism of the staff and the results.”* -Chemical Peel Patient, 01/07/2019, Jill Koetje

“Friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff. I appreciate being welcomed by name as soon as I walk through the door. I am happy with the results of my treatment. I appreciate that everyone on the team works together to help me quickly leave the office after the SkinPen treatment.”* -SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 01/07/2019, Jamey Bailey

“My skin has a more youthful texture and applying makeup is easier after I have had the treatment. Jill is very professional and very personable. She is truly an asset to your organization. I live in the Grand Ledge area and wouldn’t dream of looking closer for the services.”* -Dermaplaning & HydraFacial MD® Patient, 01/07/2019, Jill Koetje

“[Single best thing is…] The removal of dry skin. Jill took the time to explain the procedure and was very thorough. The products used made my skin feel amazing.”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 01/07/2019, Jill Koetje

“Love the results as I have been getting both laser hair removal and HydraFacials monthly for over a year. Jamey is the best!”* - HydraFacial MD® & Laser Hair Removal Patient, 01/07/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Emily was professional and friendly. I was very happy with my results.”* -Kybella® Patient, 01/07/2019, Emily Mersman

“[Single best thing is…] How hydrated my skin felt. Jamey was friendly and professional.”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 01/06/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Jacki is very attentive to my questions. She has a gracious heart and presentation. I appreciate the time she spends listening to and giving thought and response to my questions and concerns.”* -Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 01/05/2019, Jacki Solon

“Jamey was very patient with all of my questions and did not hurry me.”* -CoolSculpting® Patient, 01/05/2019, Jamey Bailey

“She is professional and realistic about what would work best for me. I look my age but refreshed.”* -Restylane® Patient, 01/04/2019, Jacki Solon

“I’m always “highly satisfied” with the end result…no surprises. Final outcome looks natural, and Jacki is top-notch.”* -Dysport® & Injectable Filler Patient, 01/04/2019, Jacki Solon

“Quick results. Have done injections in the past with Jackie. She’s honest with her opinions and what she thinks would be most beneficial for me. Injections are painless, little to no bruising. Results almost immediately.”* -Dysport® Patient, 01/04/2019, Jacki Solon

“Yes, always [highly satisfied]. Jill is the best!”* -IPL Patient, 01/04/2019, Jill Koetje

“The results were very positive. It has helped me work out more and lose weight as well. Jill was great!”* - CoolSculpting® Patient, 01/04/2019, Jill Koetje

“The results from the injections were phenomenal! I will definitely do this again!”* -Botox® Cosmetic & Restylane® Patient, 01/04/2019, Jacki Solon

“Jamey is very attentive. She is concerned about me and my skin. She strives to give me the best experience that she can. You people are lucky to have her. IPL’s reduce the small red veins and marks left from blemishes. It makes my face brighter. I do it twice a year just for maintenance as I did a series of them close together when I first got started several years ago.”* -IPL Patient, 01/04/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Excellent staff. [Single best thing is…] Jackie Solon.”* -Botox® Cosmetic Patient, 12/21/2018, Jacki Solon

“Staff is so friendly and competent. Very happy with the results of procedure.”* -Microblading Patient, 12/20/2019, Jesten Myers

“[Single best thing is…] the results! Smoother skin & reduced appearance of brown spots. Jamie is very knowledgeable, & upfront about what to expect. I’ve been seeing her for about 20 (?) yes; love her.”* -IPL Patient, 12/20/2019, Jamey Bailey

“Yes it was amazing! It was very relaxing and felt so nice!”- Micropeel Patient, 12/20/2019, Amanda Cate

“Emily is highly consultative, authentic in her approach, visibly cares about her clients, and works hard to get them the results they’re looking for.”* -Restylane Patient, 12/18/2018, Emily Mersman

“Skin looked refreshed, plump and had a glow. Thorough, informative, gentle, took time , not rushed, kind, friendly.”* -HydraFacial MD® Patient, 12/6/2018, Jill Koetje

“The results were amazing! I looked so much younger!”*—SkinPen® Microneedling Patient, 12/03/2019, Amanda Cate

“Jackie took her time with me & explained the best treatment options. I am very happy with the results from the filler.”* -Botox® Cosmetic & Restylane® Patient, 12/3/2018, Jacki Solon

My skin feels wonderful after I leave my appointment! Wish I could come more often! Everyone is very nice, caring and professional. I would and have recommended my friends to your office. Jamey is a great person, she is beautiful inside and out! Love this girl!!*

I was treated with respect and received exactly what I asked for. Nobody tried to persuade me into something else. Beautiful full lips*

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The office is clean and well decorated and made you feel comfortable right away. I enjoyed my experience and will be making this my primary place for my future skin needs.*

Emily has an eye for beauty. She is incredibly friendly, patient, and professional. I am always extremely pleased with my results.*

I truly enjoyed talking to Jamey. She is very knowledgeable and professional. I absolutely love the products she suggested.*

Very satisfied. Scheduled another appointment. I have fewer milia. Pleased with how smooth skin was.*

The crows feet around my eyes do not show anymore!!! Emily was awesome! She took her time to explain everything to me. She told me what to expect after everything was done. She called and checked in to see how I was doing as well!*

I was pleasantly surprised at the kindness, appearance of the office and staff, and their professionalism. They all made me feel like I was a VIP! Absolutely no needle marks or bruising; not even in the vulnerable upper lip area. Results were significantly positive.*

I met Emily at the recent Open House and was pleased to see she was going to be taking care of me when I came in for for my consult/appointment. I felt that she really took time with me to look at my face, make the right recommendation and then carry out the procedure as comfortably as possible. I look forward to coming into the office again because of her.*

Jackie was super knowledgeable and helpful. I needed help with migraines and I’m the 3 months since my service I have only had 2 as opposed to having them 5 out of 7 days a week. She listened to my needs, told me what to expect, and then delivered beyond my expectations.*

Jackie made me feel like I was her only client. She was great to chat with. Jackie is awesome! I have had Botox for many years and this is the first time seeing her. She told me things about after care that I had no idea about and I have been doing this for 15+ years. I am so impressed and pleased with the results.*

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