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3 Basic Skin Care Steps for Men


October 22, 2015

By: Douglas Leppink M.D.

The idea of skin care for men has been gaining momentum recently. Men are exposed to the elements too (sun, wind, dry, cold) and need not only skin protection but also help with restoring and renewing the appearance of their skin. In a competitive work place a youthful appearance can be helpful as well! But men often see skin care as too complicated to bother with. Nothing could be further from the truth! Skin care for men can be very simple. There are three important and very basic aspects of skin care: 1) a healthy lifestyle, 2) a skin “stimulant”, and 3) a moisturizer with SPF. Following these simple steps can help slow the aging process while improving the appearance of your skin.

1) Healthy lifestyle.
Do not bother with anything else if you are still smoking or eating poorly and avoiding exercise. Think of it as cleansing your skin from the inside. When you increase blood flow to your skin, it provides the skin with oxygen and nutrients needed for a healthy and vibrant complexion. You will notice your skin instantly looks better after a good workout. I understand that it takes commitment, but the results of a consistent healthy lifestyle will amaze you and the people who know you!

2) A Skin “Stimulant”
The easiest to fit into a simple regimen is a skin stimulant, such as a retinol product. The effects of retinol and products like retinol are similar to a workout for your skin that happens while you sleep, with improvement in skin color, texture, and fine lines.

3) Moisturizer with SPF
The moisturizer will help your skin respond properly to the effects of the retinol, sort of like a protein shake after lifting weights. By the way, shaving daily is also great for your skin as it removes some dead cell layers on the surface of your skin!

There you have it! Wash your face before bed and put on your retinol, then wake up, shower, and put your moisturizer/sunscreen on, grab an apple, and go! You will look your best and feel your best!