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Review & Tutorial: How to Achieve the Perfect Sunless Tan At Home


August 11, 2015

By: Jill Koetje, Medical Aesthetician

Being in the skincare industry and not wanting to ruin my cared for skin, I have tried countless self tanners to get the “fresh off the beach” look without harming my skin. I’ve had times where I looked like an oompa loompa, a streaky mess, my hands were a different color than the rest of my body, I smelled funny, and even tried one that melted off on a hot summer day. Man those times were embarrassing! Well good news – after years of searching, I have finally found the self-tanner to beat all self-tanners – FAKEBAKE Flawless! I have been using it for a few years now, and don’t ever see myself switching to a different kind. I love it because, well, number one, it looks natural. People always comment on my tan and ask where I went on vacation. As much as I wish I could tell them I just got back from some tropical vacation, I tell them I got my tan at home.

1) Before using Fakebake, I shower, shave, and exfoliate using my Clarisonic. I use my deep pore brush on my face, and the body brush for my body. I can not stress the importance of exfoliation enough before applying your sunless tanner. This is probably the most overlooked step, and most important. By removing the dead skin cells on the surface, it will allow the skin to soak up the product more evenly, resulting in a smooth, even tan.

2) After exfoliating in the shower, I towel dry, and spray on the Fake Bake Mistifier. This mistifier is an oil free moisturizer that keeps the tan even, and long-lasting.

3) Fakebake Flawless Self Tanner is so incredibly easy to use and apply. The built-in color guide leaves an immediate natural looking tan while allowing you to see where you have applied – this does wash off! It also comes with a pair of gloves and a professional application mitt. I put on one glove, slide on the mitt over top, and spray 4-6 sprays of tanner onto the mitt and buff away in a circular motion all over my body with the exception of my hands. I apply on my hands last with the residual product left on the mitt, I pay close attention to this area making sure to bend my knuckles as I lightly buff over them – this allows the product to get into the creases so you don’t see little white lines everywhere.

It takes me about 10 minutes to get my whole body tanned, and it takes around 6-8 hours for the tan to process. I usually do this before bed, and by morning I look like I just got back from that dream vacation! If morning is a better time for you to apply, no big deal! It doesn’t come off on your clothes, which is another reason I love Fakebake. There is nothing worse than being outside on a hot summer day with your freshly self-tanned skin, than to have it melt off, or come off on your clothes. Been there, done that. Not cool. Fakebake stays put! And the color stays for about a week! It’s so great!

One more reason I love Fakebake is because it doesn’t smell funny. A lot of self tanners have that weird smell that almost everyone has experienced before. It’s awful, and it lasts the whole time you have the stuff on. Well, not with Fakebake. It has a nice tropical smell, and if you don’t like that, it washes off after the first shower!

Fake Bake Flawless: $28

Fake Bake Platinum Face: $31

Fake Bake Mistifier: $12

Here is my video review and tutorial on Fake Bake!

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