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Skin Care 101: The Importance of Sunscreen


February 26, 2013

We have all been told the importance of wearing sunscreen, but the American Cancer Society reports over two million cases of skin cancer annually. Unfortunately, those statistics are not likely to improve, unless we begin to take the importance of wearing sunscreen seriously.

How Sunscreen Works

Sunscreen prevents the harmful effect of the sun on the skin by absorbing high-energy ultraviolet rays and releasing them as lower-energy rays. A good sunscreen will offer protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

By applying waterproof sunscreen generously prior to sun exposure, and reapplying every few hours, you can greatly reduce your risks of skin cancer as well as the effect of aging on your skin.

The Most Important Skin Care Items

Protecting your skin is vital to your health and to maintaining a youthful appearance. Proper skin care involves numerous steps which should include:

  • Deep cleansing products
  • Broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen
  • Mineral based cosmetics

These steps combined with skin care treatments can help you avoid having to cosmetically and medically treat the effects of sun exposure later in life.

Dermatological Care

Advanced skincare products, treatments and mineral based makeup promote skin cell health, while protecting the skin and enhancing the skin’s appearance.

Medicinal skin treatments, such as glycolic and lactic acid peels and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments can effectively treat any existing sun damage that you may have incurred.

If you reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan and would like guidance on preventative, cosmetic and medicinal skin care, please contact the Centre for Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation today.