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Body and Skin Concerns We Treat

Each day we are all exposed to things that have a negative effect on the health of our bodies and our skin. 

Concerns We Treat

The sun, our environment, our lifestyles, our diets, even the blue light emitted from our electronic devices can all contribute to concerns about our skin and bodies that we might want to change. At Centre for Pure Skin, we offer a variety of skin and body procedures to treat common concerns such as overall skin health, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, pore size, acne, discoloration, photodamage, scars, cellulite, fat, and the one issue that chases us all— an aging face and body. 

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 Why Choose the Centre for Pure Skin 

At the Centre for Pure Skin, our team of experienced physicians and skin care professionals have carefully selected only the most adaptive and effective non-invasive aesthetic procedures. During your initial consultation, we’ll carefully listen to your concerns and make recommendations based on clinical science, anticipated outcomes and your unique needs. We will create a plan that helps you to not only meet your aesthetic goals, but also your lifestyle and budget.

Types of Concerns We Treat

Most of the concerns that we treat at the Centre for Pure Skin in Grand Rapids, Michigan can be addressed with just a few simple actions — many of which treat more than one type of issue. For instance, it’s not uncommon to find out that treatments designed to address sun damage, can also address aging skin. Our goal isn’t to overwhelm you with all that can be treated, we merely aim to begin with the area that is most important to you and find a plan that will deliver the best possible results. 


Acne & Breakouts

Acne can be frustrating— especially when you feel like you’ve tried it all. Find out how one of our skin care experts can direct you to the best way to deal with those annoying breakouts.  

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Aging Skin

Fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, spots and more are all signs of aging skin. Find out how we can help you look more like you feel— young and vibrant! 

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Body Shape

When eating right and working out just aren’t quite cutting it, sometimes your body just needs an extra boost. Find out what we can do to address Body Shape at the Centre for Pure Skin. 

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You’re like most women if you have cellulite, but just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s not bothersome. Learn more about cellulite and your treatment options.

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Skin Discolorations & Pigmentation

Are you dealing with brown spots? Uneven skin tone? Redness? Find out what is behind your skin discolorations and pigmentation and how we can help.

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Dry or Dehydrated Skin

Is your skin dry, dehydrated, or both? It can be difficult to know the difference! At Pure Skin, we’ll help guide you to understanding what is at the root cause of your concern. 

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Dips, divots, and discolorations from scars can be disconcerting and difficult to address on your own. Our experts can help you to discover what can be done to help you diminish the look of your scars.

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Sun Damage

We may love the sun, but the sun doesn’t always love us back! In fact, the sun’s damaging rays are at the root of many common concerns. Find out more here.

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Our Team

Meet our experts

Annie Zimmerman

RN, BSN, Injection Specialist

In 2020, Annie Zimmerman, RN, BSN came to Pure Skin after many years practicing as an injection specialist. Annie’s reputation for extraordinary patient care and comprehensive aesthetic expertise made her transition to our practice seamless. When you meet Annie, you’ll discover that she is a nurturer to the core and that her true heart shows in the dedication that she gives to her patients.

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Diane Blaisdell

LPN, Facial Aesthetics Consultant

Diane Blaisdell, LPN joined our team in 2018 as our Facial Aesthetics Consultant. Diane puts her extensive education in facial aesthetics to use by providing an elevated, comprehensive facial assessment that is very personal, individual and educational. If you’re new to Pure Skin, a consultation with Diane is the perfect place to begin learning about what we have to offer.

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